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Anxiety relief: Craig Ferguson

It's been almost a week since surgery and I'm entering the zone where I'm getting anxious for absolutely no reason.  I've got great home health nurses that come every other day and tend to me.  My vital signs are still there.  Hey, like Keith Richards said "It's great to be here....It's great to be anywhere!"  Maybe it was the call from the bank telling me that someone was trying to charge things at Wal-Mart on my credit card.  They were ringing up quite a little bill too.  Hey identity thief, I know where you live and where you shop you piece of work.  Thanks for stressing out my day while I'm trying to heal.  Ever hear of Karma?  Hope a load of it drops on your pointed head. Anyway, I was desperately in need of a giggle...a guffaw...a belly laugh without the belly being involved because of surgery.  Something rediculous yet intelligent.  Immediately I thought of Craig Ferguson.  I had some on the DVR!  Oh good!  So I settled down and as usual the description of guests was half right.  that's how the show goes sometimes.  People talk longer than they are supposed to, people don't show up, you show stuff.  Anyway, the reason I was excited about one show was that Eric Idol was on.  The two of them were hilarious.  Timing was fantastic.  They are both so smart and funny.  Being a Monty Python fan from way way back, it was like the most delicious little TV moment. My mood was lifted!  Then I went for the second show where Craig's  guest was John Waters.  I'm feeling so much better now that I can actually attempt this blog.  John Waters is bizarre and hilarious and that's without even saying one word.  Love his crazy movies.  He's always a great interview and he and Ferguson took conversation to a new level of double entendre goodness.  Dandy!  I'm feeling better now. I should follow this with a replaying of "The Hangover" or "I Love You, Man"  just to make sure I stay this way as I drift off to sleep.  Send me ideas for funny movies.  Even if I've seen them, I would probably enjoy them again.  I need a funny book to read too.  I just finished two sad ones and I can't go there right now.  I need comedy.  Laughing heals, rock heals.  And really great home nurses too. Give yourself a large embrace for me.  Iris

06/09/2010 2:57PM
Anxiety relief: Craig Ferguson
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06/10/2010 3:36AM
John is PDX
Young Frankenstein, Dr. Strangelove, Kelly's Heroes, and a recent one that was hilarious is Couples Retreat. Good to hear you are one the mend. 8)
06/10/2010 4:06AM
ken van pelt
Last sunday my wife and her mother watched "It's Complicated" in the back room while I was watching the Nascar race.... I could hear them howling with laughter.. apparently it's really funny.......... Get well soon....
06/10/2010 4:50AM
Let me get ahold of that fraud db. Oh please, let me blow off some of this pent up frustration with someone who's messing with Iris as she heals. oh, oh please, let me get my hands on that address. Would you write me and visit me in jail? Love you. Get better. a
06/10/2010 5:45AM
Iris Harrison
All those movies are great suggestions. I'll look at the "on demand" feature first, and then seek them out! Yes, "It's Complicated" was hilarious. Best pot smoking party scene ever! Amy, I need you, so I have to keep you away from said thief. Have fun at Petty, girl!
06/10/2010 8:39AM
John in Salem
I had to add "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" seeing how you're a fan. I could watch that movie 100 times and I always seem to find some nugget that has me about to pee myself that I hadn't caught in previous viewings. Meet Joe Dirt is a hoot too. I'm putting in my prayer request to the Karma Gods for that dirt bag too.
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