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KGON'Sider- Amy


Amy Mail

Dear Clark,

Seeing as I send sarcastic sh**ty emails all the day long, please send a Portland users save the date email. It will mean more coming from you. I did you a favor by drafting a rough script. Thanks for taking care of this and not delegating to Teresa D.
YOU’RE INVITED!  But some of you only because it’s not pc to leave you off the invite.
Friday, 4/20 at 4:20pm. 

Celebrate Marty Party and wish him well in his retirement.
We know he deserves more after 35 years working his balls off for Entercom, but we think some free drinks will be sufficient and would like it if you attended. Unless you’re a jerk, then do us a favor and don’t come.


What Clark sent:
Tomorrow-Friday, 4/20 at 4:20pm. 

Celebrate Marty Party and wish him well in his retirement..

I think my version was better.

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04/20/2012 3:29PM
Amy Mail
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04/26/2012 4:31PM
Hi Amy, It's Terry from Honey Bucket. just looking for info about Shannon and what happened to him I was starting the think HE retired before Marty and never heard anything. Did want anything. Just saw you on here and I thought i'd say, HOWDYthere little lady!! (he said in his best John Wayne voice). ;-P Anyway, Denise Rice is working here now she said she knows you Have fun I know that's hard workin' at a radio station. But just try would ya???
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