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American Idol auditions in Portland July 2nd

Okay, I admit it.  My guilty pleasure is watching American Idol and dishing with friends at work and on the phone the day following the broadcast.  It's harmless.  I don't hurt anyone.  Some of the kids are very talented, and others need to take a hike, but all it really a TALENT SHOW.  We've had these for years.  It was not a big new idea when it first hit the airwaves, it was, like most things, a reworking of an old idea.  Like the way Hollywood makes new movies out of either comic books, or old TV shows.  In school I remember talent shows.  They were sometimes remarkable to us, like when the quiet nerd could actually kick ass and did a karate demonstration.  Or the brother and sister who wrote and sang cool folksy songs and could play guitars.  Or my friend who twirled fire baton.  There was always a fun surprise and it was a reason to have assembly instead of another class.  That was always a welcomed interruption. Also TV has had talent shows for years.  The one I remember the most was "Star Search" with Ed McMahon.  My friend Gene Houck was on the show and won!  Nothing wrong with a talent competition.  Some of the winners will thrive like Carrie Underwood, and some will fade into the "where are they now" category in the years ahead.  So, here comes American Idol auditions to Portland, Oregon for the first time ever.  Okay, how many "Portlandia" types will show up and be goofy for the cameras?  How many will flip off the camera after a really rediculous and awful audition?  How many traffic hang ups will result because of poor planning on the date of this thing?  Yes, it's the same weekend as the big Waterfront Blues Festival, and even though it's across the river, it's always a nasty mess trying to get anywhere on that Friday before the holiday.  Here's the press release we got here at the station this morning: American Idol Auditions Come to Portland for the First Time at the Rose Garden Jul 2 Pre-registration Jun 30 – Jul 1 Who:                Open call audition for the eleventh season of AMERICAN IDOL  When:              Thu – Sat, Jun 30 – Jul 2 ● Varies Where:             Rose Quarter – Rose Garden What:               PRE-REGISTRATION (Thursday, June 30 & Friday, July 1)  - Wristbands will be distributed to auditioners during pre-registration (tables open Thursday and remain open until Saturday morning).  Once auditioners obtain their wristbands, they will be asked to return to the stadium early morning Saturday, July 2 to line up for their audition.  - Available press coverage includes: B-roll, photos, interviews with auditioners, their friends/family members and interviews/photos with an available AMERICAN IDOL producer (pending availability).  - Media check-in for pre-registration will begin at 6:00 AM on both Thurs/Fri. Please note that these times are subject to change.  AUDITIONS (Saturday, July 2) ***NO MEDIA IS PERMITTED INSIDE THE VENUE DURING AUDITIONS*** So they want all the media until they get to the actual auditions and that's what we get to see in the first part of the show.  When you have the really good with the really bad.  I just want someone really great to come out of Portland and win.  Hey, why not?  Two 16 year old country kids got to the finals last time.  I mean REALLY????  This time we need a rocker from Portland.  Can you sing?  Can you sell it on stage?  Then show up and do your city proud!

06/21/2011 11:02AM
American Idol auditions in Portland July 2nd
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06/26/2011 9:04AM
Heather Kennedy
Nah, think I'd rather be at the Waterfront Blues Fest, listening to great music and supporting the Oregon Food Bank.
06/28/2011 7:47AM
Anonymous Friend
Hoping for the young lady by the name of Bianca Gille will audition. Check her out on google and youtube if you find time. Oregon will definitely be proud of her.
06/30/2011 10:07AM
Elysha Mordecai
Nah, think I’d rather be at the Waterfront Blues Fest, listening to great music and supporting the Oregon Food Bank. +1
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