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A Mt. Hood Weekend

It was a lovely little weekend on Mt. Hood.  I belong to a group of women who have called ourselves "The Cabin Girls" since 1991.  We will always be "girls" and we are not in the least offended by this label.  We have tried over the years to make it up to this wonderful peaceful little place at least 4 times a year, but some years it's less due to busy schedules and all that life stuff that gets in the way of fun.  We always have a large time no matter what the weather is like.  It's not about skiing, which isn't far away from the location of the cabin, but none of us ski anymore.  I gave that up after realizing that in 6 years since my initial lessons, I had not improved very much at all, and it took forever to get the gear and all that from the car, to the lodge and then spend the day falling down.  As usual I guess if I had cared more, I would have done better.  Maybe not.  I enjoyed parts of skiing, but also had a huge amount of fear associated with it.  I was forever being credited with more prowess by my instructors that I really posessed, and thus getting myself onto runs that I had no business being on.  One time I even skiied with the General Manager of Timberline and while he was lovely and kind (Mr. K, I will always love you for those "turns" on the mountain) I was freaking out the whole time that I would embarrass myself. I have a healthy amount of respect for Ms. Hood.  I gave her the "s" in the spelling instead of a "t" because it's like she has a personality that way.  She's been very moody on days...dumping snow until I couldn't find my car, much less drive the thing down the road...or not having enough snow and my skis looked like they had been used in a grocery store parking lot.  Weather happens fast on Mt. Hood.  One time I was at Timberline Lodge on June 1st, and we got out of the car in lovely warm sunshine.  While having bloody marys (which Timberline Lodge does very well...) waiting for our lunch to arrive at the table, it started raining.  As we ate lunch, the sun came out again.  Then while we were thinking of dessert, it started to snow.  By the time we went back to the car, it was sunny again, but windy.  All within about 90 minutes.  One time at the Cabin, down the mountain on Still Creek, there was a freaky wind storm.  We saw that the wind was coming up and thought we needed to get out of there.  After loading our cars and cleaning up, this loud crash sounding like an explosion came from outside.  A tree had fallen on the cabin next door.  We were all getting ready to leave and heard another BOOM.  A tree was down on the cabin on the other side of us.  I was now in full blown panic.  Two of the girls, Ann and Becki were just slightly concerned.  I was screaming and hugging what I thought would be the most secure place in the little cabin...the fireplace.  I'm pretty sure Tina was with me on that one.  Finally I got out to my car, and tried to leave, but there was a tree across the road.  The next attempt out, there were men with chainsaws making room for cars to pass.  Here's the really weird part: on the way down the mountain, I expected to see trees and power lines down, devistation, roofs blown off...but there was virtually no other areas than the little pocket that we were staying in that was affected.  Damn moody mountain weather system, anyway! This weekend it gave us a little sun, and rain.  Ann's car battery died before she left, and I missed the big event of the flatbed truck trying to get down the tiny windy driveway because I had already headed back to civilization.  I'm sure it was interesting watching him back out.  That's what was going on when I called.  We even got to watch the last quarter of the Blazer game on Saturday at the Rendezvous Tap Room.  There's no TV in the cabin.  ON PURPOSE!  So if we want to watch a game, we have to go out.  It's better that way.  It was nice to see them win.  Now, if they can pull off another one in Phoenix!  Go Blazers! The mountain adventures of "The Cabin Girls" are always interesting.  Sometimes scary, other times very peaceful.  No matter what happens, we seem to take away great memories, several laughs and stories to tell.  I'm not rested this time though.  Not enough sleep.  I guess we should work on getting to bed earlier than 2:30am.  We just lose track of time up there in the evergreen scent and darkness. Writing class tonight.  No rest for the wicked.

04/26/2010 11:25AM
A Mt. Hood Weekend
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