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Posts from October 2013

Edgar Winter brings his keyboard prowess to William Shatner's new album
Jeff here...Edgar Winter is a rock and blues icon. His latest project is a guest spot on William Shatner's new album "Ponder the Mystery". Edgar's keyboard wizardry can be heard on the song "Twilight". But that's not all Edgar Winter is up to these days...far from it. He's writing a book, working on a Broadway production, and promises a new rock album in the future. And of course, he'll never stop touring!!. So, here's my conversation with one of the most enthusiastic artists I've had the pleasure to talk to. Ladies and Gentlemen...Edgar Winter!!

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Jeff Chats with Graeme Edge of The Moody Blues
The Moody Blues tour comes to Portland Rocktober 21st, playing the Keller Auditorium. Last Friday I had the chance to speak with drummer Graeme Edge about the tour, the upcoming Moody Blues Cruise, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and more. Here we go!

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