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Posts from April 2013


Plan to hit the ground runnin' and get most of my work done early in the week, so I can cruise toward the weekend. Big one comin' up. Gotta get out the mint julep recipe for Saturday's KENTUCKY DERBY. Not necessarily into horse racing (altho I did have a job as a camera operator at Portland Meadows one winter while I was going to MHCC, but that's a whole 'nother story). It's the tradition of watching it on tv and getting silly with friends that appeals to me..
CINCO DE MAYO  next Sunday! That's gonna take a little prep work. Hope I can find a pinata with dark chocolate inside. Margaritas anyone? There'll be no shortage of celebrations around town, so take your pick and have  a great time. 
btw: SHANNON will be giving away passes to the Cinco De Mayo Fiesta next weekend at Waterfront Park, plus carnival wristbands all week long during his "This Day In Rock" Trivia question at 3:45pm. JEFF MITCHELL pulls out the KGON junk drawer during the BOB & TOM show each morning. This week it's $40 gift certificates to Outback Steakhouse. And, during the noon hour with Iris, play "My 3 Songs" for a chance to win tickets to "Jukebox Hero" Foreigner Tribute Band coming up at the Star Theater.
Other things to do this week in the Rose City:
Your last chance to catch the MYTHBUSTERS EXHIBITION at OMSI. Hands on experiments, props & gadgets from the TV show thru next Sunday.
At the movies: IRON MAN 3 opens Friday. Robert Downey Jr is back as Tony Stark, Ben Kingsley plays his arch rival The Mandarin; different director this time.
On the local music scene: MAY DAY MUSIC FEST at the Alhambra (formerly Mt Tabor Theater) Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the restored theater. Bunch of bands over 5 days, Wed-Sun. more info at
BEST NEW BAND SHOWCASE at Mississippi Studios. Free for all ages. Sat 9pm
oh, yeah, don't forget 3 DOG NIGHT at Spirit Mtn Casino Sat night.
And, if you need more excuses to party...Birthdays this week include: Lou Gramm of Foreigner, Mick Mars of Motley Crue, Steve Stevens of Billy Idols' band, Bill Ward of Black Sabbath, Willie Nelson, and, talk about your old rockers - drummer from Spirit Ed Cassidy who left the planet in 2012 would have been 90 this year. Also, Bianca Jagger; The Godfather of Soul James Brown, Kurt Loder of MTV; Jerry Seinfeld, couple of athletes - Andre Agassi, Isiah Thomas; and actors Uma Thurman, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Pfeiffer, & Daniel Day-Lewis; plus it's the two-year anniversary for Britain's Prince William & Kate.
Lookin' for an 80 degree weekend, enjoy each day as we ramp up to it. Wherever you go, whatever you do, remember to take your smile with you.

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Carrying on with Stephen Stills

Interviewing a legend, and one of my heroes, tends to make the night before the interview a bit restless.  I prepared a boat load of questions, and due to time issues, I didn't get to so many things that I wanted to know about.  Well, next time, right? 

I've had a big crush on Stephen Stills since I first heard Buffalo Springfield's "Sit Down I Think I Love You" and "Bluebird."  I was hooked on that voice.  Then came Crosby Stills Nash...and Young, and all the combinations thereof, the Supersessions album with Bloomfield and Kooper, and Manassas!  Whew!  All great stuff, and all in my collection. 

Now if you don't have all that in your music library, then you will want to get yourself the 4 CD set, "Carry On."  There's the songs you know, rarities, previously unreleased stuff, and a huge book of liner notes for geeks like me!

I'm looking forward to a chance to talk to this amazing man again, becuase I have a whole page of questions that never got asked.  But just having a conversation with him was pure bliss. I hope you enjoy the conversation.


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Spent the weekend doing my couch potato routine watching NBA Playoffs. Sure isn't as much fun seeing the Lakers lose when Kobe Bryant isn't on the floor! Probably won't decide which team to cheer for until next round. Hope there's someone in the pack who can actually beat Miami.

This week looks good. Weather should be beautiful if we can believe those weather guessers.
Plenty of birthdays to celebrate, in case you need an excuse to party. Lot of pretty good actors on the list this week: JACK NICHOLSON, BARBRA STREISAND, SHIRLEY MACLAINE, AL PACINO, VALERIE BERTINELLI, RENEE ZELLWEGER; TV host  JAY LENO; playwrite & poet WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE; and some real fine musicians: PAUL CARRACK OF ACE, PETER FRAMPTON, DEF LEPPARD guitarist STEVE CLARK  (another one who left the planet way too early), ROY ORBISON, two guys from CCR - DOUG "COSMO" CLIFFORD & STU COOK, Bluesman ALBERT KING, GARY WRIGHT, ACE FREHLEY & CHUCK LEAVELL. And, if that's not enough, the BROADWAY BRIDGE turns 100 years old this week!

Coming up Saturday, time to get on your marching shoes, and join the MARCH FOR BABIES. Raise some $$$ for babies who need help. Going on in Portland, Vancouver & Salem, you can register at

And, Sunday night at the Roseland, BLUES FOR BILL BENEFIT featuring CURTIS SALGADO, SOUL VACCINATION, TY CURTIS BAND & the LINDA HORNBUCKLE BAND, with LARHONDA STEELE, SONNY HESS & VICKI STEVENS. Wow! all that talent, with money going to help BILL POSTLES fight lung cancer. Bill has been a road manager and sound mixer for Portland bands for over 40 years, and this is your chance to say thanks and help him out with his medical expenses.
You can win tickets to this show during the BOB & TOM show all this week when JEFF MITCHELL opens up the KGON Junk Drawer. 
IRIS has a chance STEEL DAY tickets for you when she does MY 3 SONGS in the noon hour.
Heard someone say recently that with all the negative and scary things going on in the world, one way to deal with it , is to see if you can help another person, even in a small way. And don't forget to smile, it's contagious!

Love ya,
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LED ZEPPELIN "Sound and Fury"

Legendary rock photographer Neal Preston talks about his new digital book and his years as a member of the LED ZEPPELIN inner circle.

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Record Store Love

     My first love affair with a record store was with Odyssey Records on Cannery Row in Monterey.  It was right next door to Doc Ricketts place, the man made famous by the John Steinbeck novel about the legendary Row.  I’ve always been a big Steinbeck fan, and I loved hanging out around Cannery Row.  I had dancing classes at a studio that’s now an expensive fish house called The Sardine Factory in the area for most of grade school.  As a result, I knew Cannery Row pretty well.  I also knew the studios of KMBY were in the Bear Flag Building where Flora’s whorehouse really was.  That’s where my first love of radio started, but that’s another story.
     In my little hometown, you could walk from my house to Cannery Row in less than an hour, so that was a common destination for me.  It was rich in history and smells.  There was a coffee roaster sort of near Doc’s place, a candy store, a tea house, an import place, and the Outrigger which was a fancy place that my folks would take me as a kid.   The smell of the working canneries, which my mother described to me when Monterey Bay was full of sardines, was no longer there.  There was just the smell of the ocean and the things that lived in it.  Odyssey Records had a smell that I loved wafting out the door…incense. 
     I remember that I first noticed Odyssey when John and Yoko’s “Two Virgins” album was released.  The reason I remember it clearly was because they were both naked on the cover, and Odyssey had the poster with all their parts proudly displayed in the store window.  I stepped into a world that I loved.  The smell of incense, really great music on the big speakers, racks and racks of dreamy vinyl, and the walls covered with posters.  There was a black light room for the special posters painted in Day-Glo and I bought The Endless Summer poster there.  I wish I still had that poster because when I met the artist, Jon Van Hamersveld, he told me that the original run of those were worth pretty good money.  Plus, he could have signed it for me. 
So, I spent many hours wrapped in the womb of Odyssey, discovering music, and buying what I could with my babysitting money.
     When I moved to Portland in 1976, I found Music Millennium.  The store had the same vibe as my beloved Odyssey, and the smell was pretty much the same.  Incense, candles, paraphernalia, posters, t-shirts, stickers and lots of lovely vinyl.  Odyssey is no longer on Cannery Row.  The old location is now part of the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but Music Millennium is still around at the original location of SE 32nd and Burnside.  Thank God for Terry Currier for keeping the banner flying high!  Thank God Portland is weird and proud of it.  Thank God we can actually celebrate National Record Store Day this Saturday, April 20th, at an actual independent record store that has been around since 1969 serving the needs of Portland’s music fanatics. 
     Plan on making a visit to the store this week.  You don’t have to wait until Saturday, but if you do, you’ll get in on some freebies, and coffee and muffins if you wait in line before the store opens at 8am.  While you’re there, register for the KGON prize pack:  Doors CD’s, John Densmore’s new book, and a secured place at the front of the line to get the book signed in May when he visits the store!
     In fact, I think I’ll head there now.  Just because I enjoy being there, and I know I’ll find something I can’t possibly live without.
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Explore music and celebrate independent record stores this Saturday! Fittingly, JIMI HENDRIX is this year's poster boy and with a bit of luck, you might pick up one of those limited edition posters in your gift bag at one of the participating stores here in the Portland area. If you're a collector, look for promotional items made for the day. JIMI HENDRIX "Hey Joe/Stone Free" mono on black vinyl, or WILLIE NELSON'S "Roll Me Up & Smoke Me When I Die" on 7-inch green vinyl to mention just a few. MUSIC MILLENNIUM opens early-8AM, and has autograph sessions scheduled with the THERMALS at 2PM and SPARKS at 6:30PM. Other stores participating include: 360 VINYL, JACKPOT RECORDS, EXILED RECORDS, EVERYDAY MUSIC, 2ND AVENUE RECORDS, and BEACON SOUND. Make the rounds and find some treasures!

Here's a link for more info: 
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All those years ago...Acutally, It was 47 years ago that John, Paul, George & Ringo started recording the song "Taxman" at Abbey Road studios. Woke up humming it this morning. OK, all together now, let's sing a few choruses and put the Taxman in our rear view mirrors til next year...

Lotta cool things goin on this week in the Rose City. Here's one that caught my eye, being the tv freak that I am: "FROM STEREOSCOPES TO TELEVISIONS", an exhibit at the Pittock Mansion that shows how technology altered home entertainment from the late 19th century onward. A glimpse into what life was like without video games. 

Plenty of music options this week: Thurs at Duff's Garage: BIG MONTI AMUNDSON (remember the Blubinos?) Just back from the Netherlands and ready to shake the rafters at Duff's with bandmates John Mazzocco and Kelly Dunn.
Thus & Fri there's the GRATEFUL DEAD Tribute with the DARK STAR ORCHESTRA at the Crystal Ballroom.
Sat has a benefit concert for Sandy Relief at the Keller Auditorium with AARON NEVILLE, CURTIS SALGADO & MICHAEL ALLEN HARRISON.
Of course PRINCE at the Roseland Sun for two shows is a big deal, but getting in will cost ya. Officially sold out, there are always scalpers. If you've got the scratch,  it sounds pretty exciting.
Independent record retailers across the country celebrate RECORD STORE DAY on Saturday with all kinds of special events planned. I'll have more on what's happening here in Portland tomorrow.

Light some birthday candles this week for:  Foghat singer/guitarist Lonesome Dave Peverett; Bill Spooner of the Tubes; Gerry Rafferty of Stealers Wheel and "Baker Street" fame; Basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Portland Wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper; TV Host Conan O'Brien; Comedian Rick Moranis (Take Off, eh?); Actress Kate Hudson who starred in one of my all-time favorite movies "Almost Famous"; Star Trek's Mr Sulu- George Takei & Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Iggy Pop (once a Stooge, always a Stooge)! 
Talk to ya soon,

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Nerds, be PROUD! Portland is #2!!

I think we humans are all sort of nerds about something.  There's at least one thing in our lives that others would probably consider uncool.  I'm a garden nerd.  Also a Monty Python nerd.  There's other things, but I just basically wanted to set up a reason to read this cool blog. 

Portland came in at #2 in the "10 Nerdiest Cities in America" and I think that's so cool.  Not only has Portlandia put us on the map for being weird/nerdy/cool, but now this.

Click here to link to the story, and enjoy the blog! 

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Especially if you like it live. Concert announcements all over the place! HEART with JASON BONHAM'S LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE at the Sleep Country Amphitheater on Aug30th, ROBERT PLANT at the Gorge Amphitheater July 5th & 6th; and more big ones on the way. Keep your ears tuned to 92.3 KGON for announcements and chances to win tickets to some of these shows all week. 

Other things going on in the Rose City this week:  JON LOVITZ of Saturday Night Live at the Helium Comedy Club Fri & Sat
COLIN HAY - singer/songwriter from Men at Work doin' hit songs and sharing stories at the Aladdin on Thur. PAT TRAVERS at Cascade Bar & Grill, also Thurs.
SHOOT TO THRILL (AC/DC Tribute band) at the Tiger Bar on Sat.
Guitar star JOE BONAMASSA at the Keller on Sat night. Check out Iris' interview with Joe on Iri's Blog.
CIRCA - Australian Touring troupe of performers blending circus arts with dance at the Newmark Theatre thru Sat.
Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn thru May 5. More than 40 acres of tulips and daffodils with fun stuff to do for the whole family. Never met a flower I didn't like!
One of my favorite authors, Portland writer Phillip Margolin will be reading from his new book "Sleight of Hand" at a few places this week...Tues at Annie Bloom's on Capital Hwy; Murder by the Book on SE Hawthorne on Wed, and Powells in Beaverton Thurs. Can't wait to get my hands on that book for my next rainy day read.
Celebrating birthdays this week:  John Lennon's first son, Julian; ex GNR guitarist Izzy Stradlin; former 1st Lady Betty Ford; Actor Dennis Quaid; drummer/singer for the Byrds Gene Parsons; Playboy founder Hugh Hefner; guitar rocker Pat Travers (stop by the Cascade Bar & Grill on Thur and wish him a happy one!); TV Host David Letterman; John Kay of Steppenwolf; bass player for Jefferson Airplane/Starship & Hot Tuna Jack Casady; singer/guitarist for Little Feat & Mothers of Invention Lowell George and Ritchie Blackmore guitarist for Deep Purple/Rainbow. 
Have a great week. Start saving up for all those concert tickets and I'll check in with ya when I have more to say.
Keep rockin'

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Woke up Dreaming that I was going to talk to Joe Bonamassa this morning....

Well, what do you know, it wasn't a dream at all.  Joe Bonamassa is one of the coolest guitar slingers in the world, and he's coming to Portland on Saturday April 13th!  The show is almost sold out, so if you were waiting for the day of the show, in typical Portland behavior, don't wait!!  Here's our conversation.
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