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Bill Prescott
Posts from June 2013

This Day In Rock 6/26/13

2008 - Barack Obama denies he has an "E-mail relationship" with Scarlett Johansson.
2006 - Guns n' Roses frontman Axl Rose is arrested for biting a security guard in the leg and causing some minor damage at his hotel in Stockholm, Sweden.
2002 - David Hasselhoff checks into the Betty Ford Center for treatment of alcoholism.
2002 - A federal appeals court in San Francisco rules that the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance violate the separation of church and state.
2001 - Heartbreakers bassist Howie Epstein is arrested after being stopped in a stolen vehicle. Police find heroin and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle, which Epstein's girlfriend, country singer Carlene Carter, claims is hers. (Epstein is fired from Tom Petty's band in 2002 and dies the following year.)
2000 - Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band shoot a video for "American Skin" before one of 10 sold-out shows at New York's Madison Square Garden. Film-maker Jonathan Demme-who worked on Springsteen's "Streets of Philadelphia" video-directs the clip.
1981 - In Mountain Home, Idaho, a woman named Virginia Campbell used her coupons and rebates to buy $26,460 worth of groceries with a cash outlay of 67 cents.
1979 - Muhammad Ali announces his retirement from boxing at the age of 37.
1976 - Peter Frampton's "Baby I Love Your Way" is released.
1976 - Roxy Music announce a "trial separation," which doesn't last.
1975 - Sonny and Cher are divorced in Santa Monica, California. Four days later, she marries Gregg Allman.
1974 - Bar code pricing is used for the first time ever at a store in Troy, Ohio.
1967 - The Beatles finish mixing "All You Need Is Love," just 11 days before the single is released.
1966 - The Rolling Stones give an afternoon show at the Washington Coliseum and one that night at the Baltimore Civic Center. The McCoys, The Standells and The Tradewinds open.
1965 - The Byrds hit number-one with "Mr. Tambourine Man."
1964 - The Beatles release the soundtrack album of A Hard Day's Night on United Artists Records.
1964 - The Rolling Stones release "It's All Over Now," their first single recorded in America.
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This Day In Rock 6/25/13

2008 - Tiny bits of a Verne Troyer sex tape hit the Internet.
2001 - Matthew Ansara, the only child of I Dream of Jeannie star Barbara Eden, is found dead at a Chevron station in Monrovia, California. He was 35.
1997 - Underwater explorer Jacques Cousteau dies at 87.
1995 - Pearl Jam cancels their tour because of an ongoing feud with Ticketmaster. They contend that the ticket giant holds a monopoly and charges fans too large a surcharge on concert tickets.
1990 - The Supreme Court upholds the right of an individual to refuse life-sustaining medical treatment.
1988 - Baseball great Cal Ripken Junior plays in his 1000th consecutive game.
1984 - Singer Patti Scialfa joins Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band just four days before the start of the Born in the U-S-A tour.
1982 - The Rolling Stones make their first British concert appearance in six years, playing the first of two dates at London's Wembley Stadium.
1982 - Porn star John Holmes is acquitted of murder charges in Los Angeles. The case is later dramatized in the movie Wonderland, starring Val Kilmer as Holmes.
1981 - The Supreme Court decides that male-only draft registration is constitutional.
1968 - Bobby Bonds hits a grand a slam in his first Major League game -- the first player to ever do that.
1967 - The Beatles introduce their new single "All You Need Is Love" on Our World, the first live T-V special simultaneously broadcast around the globe --it lands on public stations after the three networks pass on the show.
1966 - The gothic horror series Dark Shadows makes its debut as a daytime drama on A-B-C.
1962 - The Supreme Court bans prayer from public schools.
1950 - The Korean War begins.
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OK, Summer officially arrived Thur/Fri, but we're still waiting for proof. Maybe next weekend we'll get some sunshine? 
Just in time for the big shutdown on SE Chavez Blvd (aka SE 39th). It's gonna be closed for 3 weeks starting Fri between Hawthorne & Division. Could be a major mess! Will definitely affect TriMet bus lines 66 & 75. Go to for details.
Avoid the area and take in some theatre with your out-of-town guests:  Last week for Portland Center Stage's production of "Somewhere in Time".
Portland Actor's Ensemble kicks off its summer season of FREE Shakespeare in the Park  Thurs-Sat Terry Schrunk Plaza with "The Merchant of Venice".
Take the kids to the Portland Childrens' Museum for "Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice".
The musical comedy version of "The Addams Family" Tues-Sun at the Keller.
Up for a little road trip? The Maryhill "Festival of Speed" - downhill skateboarding world cup Wed-Thurs in Goldendale. FREE to watch!
One of my favorite authors - Carl Hiaassen will read from his new book "Bad Monkey" at Powell's City of Books Mon.
For laughs, there's  Rob Schneider of SNL at the Helium Comedy Club Thurs.
The North American Organic Brewers Festival converges on Overlook Park Thurs-Sun.
New at the movies, "World War Z" with Brad Pitt.
And for music, two huge shows - STEVE MILLER BAND outdoors at McMenamins Edgefield Thurs and FLEETWOOD MAC at the Rose Garden Arena on Sunday. Join KGON for the preconcert party before the FMAC show. 
BIRTHDAYS this week: MICK FLEETWOOD, JEFF BECK, Portland's own RINDY ROSS of QUARTERFLASH, PATTY SMYTH (singer & wife of John McEnroe), COLIN HAY from MEN AT WORK, and IAN PAICE from DEEP PURPLE. Listen to Shannon for This Day in Rock for more.
STUFF YOU CAN WIN THIS WEEK:  From the Junk Drawer 7:15 am with JEFF MITCHELL: Tickets to see "Mercury Rising A Queen Tribute" at the New Copper Penny Classic Rock Showcase on Fri.
My 3 Songs with IRIS  Noon hour - Paul McCartney's Rockshow DVD and tickets to see Soul Vaccination at Duff's Garage on July 5th;
Classic Rock Trivia with SHANNON 3:45pm 4 pack of tickets to the St Paul Rodeo on July 5th.
And don't forget this week PINK FLOYD is the KGON Featured Artist. Listen for a Pink Floyd two-fer for your chance to win CDs from our favorite record store, MUSIC MILLENNIUM. 
Have a great week,
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This Day In Rock 6/20/13

2011 - Jackass star Ryan Dunn dies in an alcohol-related car crash at 34.
2007 -  Jimmy Kimmel has an emergency appendectomy.
2006 - After 44 years at C-B-S News, Dan Rather receives his walking papers from the "eye" network.
1996 - As the Furthur Festival kicks off in Atlanta, members of The Grateful Dead perform together for the first time since Jerry Garcia's death.
1994- O-J Simpson pleads not guilty to the killings of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.
1977- The Trans-Alaska Pipeline begins operation.
1969 - The Newport '69 Festival starts in Northridge, California, where 150-thousand see Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Ike & Tina Turner, Jethro Tull, The Rascals, Steppenwolf, Booker T & the MGs and others perform. Hendrix's 125-thousand-dollar fee for this appearance is, to date, the highest single appearance fee ever paid to a single rock act.
1967- Muhammad Ali is convicted in Houston of violating Selective Service laws by refusing to be drafted.
1967 -The Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix begin a six-night stand at the Fillmore in San Francisco.
1966- The Beatles re-release their Yesterday and Today album--with new, uncontroversial cover art.
1966- The U-S Open is televised in color for the first time.
1964- The Rolling Stones wrap up their first U-S tour with afternoon and evening shows at Carnegie Hall in New York.
1950- Willie Mays graduates from high school and signs to play professional baseball for the New York Giants.
1947 - Mobster "Bugsy" Siegel is shot to death through a window of his girlfriend's Beverly Hills home.
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This Day In Rock 6/19/13

2005- At the London premiere of War of the Worlds, a man pretending to be a reporter squirts water from a fake microphone into Tom Cruise's face. Cruise challenges the man and calls him a "jerk."
2005 - Steve Miller, Peter Frampton, Steve Lukather, Edgar Winter, Joe Perry, Richie Sambora and others gather at New York's Carnegie Hall for a 90th birthday tribute to guitar legend Les Paul.
1998 -The Simpsons are inducted into he Hollywood Walk of Fame. 
1989- The movie Batman premieres.
1982 - Asia's self-titled debut album hits number-one on Billboard's Hot 200 album chart.
1982 - Steve Miller begins his first tour in three years to support his current album, Abracadabra.
1981 - Superman II sets the all-time one-day record for box-office receipts: $5.5 million.
1978 - The comic strip Garfield appears in U-S newspapers for the first time.
1976 - Blue Oyster Cult releases Agents of Fortune, which contains their biggest hit, "Don't Fear the Reaper."
1973 - The original stage production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show opens in London.
1968 - The Rolling Stones are number-one in England with "Jumpin' Jack Flash."
1968 50,000 people march on Washington, D-C to support the Poor Peoples' Campaign.
1967 - Two days after Paul McCartney admits in a Life magazine interview that he'd taken LSD four times, London's Daily Mirror quotes Paul as saying: "I don't regret that I've spoken out. I hope my fans will understand..."
1955- President Harry Truman signs the Universal Military Training and Service Act, which extends selective service until July 1st, 1955 and lowers the draft age to 18.
1934 - Congress establishes the Federal Communications Commission.
1912- The U-S government establishes the eight-hour workday.
1862 -Slavery is outlawed in U-S territories.
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This Day In Rock 6/18/13

2011- Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band saxophonist Clarence Clemons dies in a Palm Beach, Florida hospital of complications from a stroke suffered 6 days earlier at his home in Singer Island, Florida. He was 69.
2011- Mountain frontman Leslie West undergoes emergency surgery in Biloxi, Mississippi to amputate his right leg above the knee.
2008- Tom Cruise, Jack Nicholson and Woody Allen are among the winners of the first annual George Burns Memorial Sugar Daddy Awards, given to men who "have a penchant for women 20 years or more their juniors."
2000- Tiger Woods wins the U-S Open golf championship by a record 15 strokes.
1987-A woman sues Motley Crue for five-thousand dollars, claiming that she lost her hearing due to the excessive volume at a Crue concert.
1987 - Bruce Springsteen officially separates from his first wife, actress Julianne Phillips.
1983 - Astronaut Sally Ride becomes America's first woman in space, onboard Challenger.
1979- Jimmy Carter and Leonid Brezhnev sign the Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty (SALT) 2 in Vienna.
1977 Fleetwood Mac tops the Billboard singles chart with "Dreams."
1976 - OLE ELO, a compilation of the Electric Light Orchestra's greatest hits, is certified gold.
1973-Paul McCartney releases the "James Bond" theme "Live and Let Die" on his 31st birthday.
1971 - Carole King performs at New York's Carnegie Hall. James Taylor joins her on "You've Got a Friend."
1970 - Phil Spector produces Derek and the Dominos' debut single, "Tell the Truth" b/w "Roll It Over," at Apple Studios in London.
1967- The final day of the Monterey Pop Festival features Ravi Shankar, The Blues Project, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Buffalo Springfield, The Who, The Grateful Dead, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Scott McKenzie and The Mamas & The Papas.
1963- Peter Paul & Mary release their cover of Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind." The single will reach number-two nationally.
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This Day In Rock 6/17/13

2006 - The Who kick off their tour by returning to the scene of one of their greatest gigs -- Leeds University in Leeds, England. The band recorded Live at Leeds there in 1970.
2005- Leonardo DiCaprio is rushed to an L-A hospital after being beaned by a beer while leaving a party in the Hollywood Hills.
2005 - Oprah Winfrey is named the most powerful person in showbiz by Forbes magazine.
2005 - Tom Cruise pops the question to Katie Holmes at the Eiffel Tower in Paris. She agrees to become his wife.
1994 - After a low speed police pursuit, O-J Simpson is arrested for the murders of ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman.
1989 - Ringo Starr announces the first tour with his ever-changing All-Starr Band.
1980 - Led Zeppelin kicks off its first European tour since 1973, which proves to be the group's final European tour.
1978- Jefferson Starship cancel their show at the Lorley Festival in Germany because Grace Slick is too drunk to go onstage.
1977 - Crosby, Stills and Nash release C-S-N.
1974- John Lennon starts recording Walls and Bridges at the Record Plant in New York. The L-P spins off the hit "Number Nine Dream."
1972- The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street is the number-one-selling album.
1967 - Day two of the Monterey Pop Festival features daytime performances by Canned Heat, Big Brother & the Holding Company, Country Joe & the Fish, Al Kooper, The Butterfield Blues Band, Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Steve Miller Band and The Electric Flag. The evening sets are by Moby Grape, Hugh Masekela, The Byrds, The Butterfield Blues Band, Laura Nyro, Jefferson Airplane, Booker T. & the M-G's and Otis Redding.
1965 - The Kinks arrive in New York City to start their first U-S tour.
1928 - Amelia Earhart becomes the first woman to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
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This Day In Rock 6/14/13

2005 - The Eagles release their Farewell One Tour: Live from Melbourne D-V-D.
1989- Zsa Zsa Gabor is arrested in Beverly Hills for slapping a motorcycle policeman.
1981- Bruce Springsteen headlines a No Nukes concert at the Hollywood Bowl that also features Jackson Browne, Gary U-S Bonds, Bonnie Raitt, Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Nicolette Larson.
1979-  Rolling Stone magazine reports that Little Feat have broken up. Two weeks later, singer-guitarist Lowell George dies of a heart attack.
1976 The Gong Show debuts on N-B-C's daytime schedule.
1974- David Bowie opens his North American Diamond Dogs tour in Montreal.
1974- Jimmy McCulloch, a former Thunderclap Newman ("Something in the Air") and Stone the Crows guitarist, joins Paul McCartney's band Wings. "Junior's Farm" will be his first single with them.
1971 - The first Hard Rock Cafe opens in London.
1970- Derek and the Dominos play their first concert in Britain.
1970- Grand Funk Railroad spend 100-thousand dollars for a block-long billboard in Times Square to advertise their new album, Closer to Home.
1970 - The Grateful Dead release Workingman's Dead, containing "Casey Jones" and "Uncle John's Band."
1969 - The Doors give a pair of shows at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, the band's first since Jim Morrison's indecency arrest in Miami.
1965 - After The Beatles spend the afternoon at Abbey Road recording "I've Just Seen a Face" and "I'm Down," Paul McCartney returns in the evening and records "Yesterday" in two takes with a string quartet. Contrary to myth, other Beatles are in the studio, though none appears on the track.
1954- President Eisenhower signs an order that adds the words "under God" to the Pledge of Allegiance.
1900 - Hawaii becomes a U-S territory.
1775 - The United States Army is founded.
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PEEK AT THE WEEK: Summer officially begins with the solstice on Friday morning. Hopefully, we'll get some sunshine to go with it. Between now and then, plenty of options for what to do with out-of-town guests. During the rainy parts, you can head indoors to the movies. The latest Superman offering, "MAN OF STEEL" starring Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner is showing around town. The 1973 cult classic "ELECTRA GLIDE IN BLUE" is out on bluray. On stage at Portland Center Stage you can catch the musical "SOMEWHERE IN TIME". For laughs Wed night, the Tonic Lounge on NE Sandy has it's "Weekly Recurring Humor Night".  AUGGIE SMITH (you may have seen him on Comedy Central or heard him on the BOB & TOM SHOW on KGON) comes to the Helium Comedy Club on Thur. PAULY SHORE does Harvey's Comedy Club Fri & Sat. BILL MAHER has a show at the Schnitz on Sun. For music, there's the DANDY WARHOLS Wed & Thur at the Wonder Ballroom. And a big one at the end of the week...seems like we've been waiting for this one forever...LYNYRD SKYNYRD/BAD COMPANY at the Sleep Country Amphitheater on Fri. You can still win tickets this week on MY 3 SONGS with IRIS during the noon hour. 

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This Day In Rock 6/13/13

2008 - Metallica headlines the first day of the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee.
2008 - N-B-C newsman Tim Russert dies of a heart attack at age 58.
2008- Sean Connery tumbles during a golf game at an exclusive Westchester, New York country club and chips a bone in his shoulder.
2007- Rush kick off their Snakes and Arrows tour in Atlanta.
2005 - The Who's Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey do their first-ever acoustic show, delivering a 50-minute set at a benefit at Gotham Hall in New York.
2005- Tom Cruise's girlfriend Katie Holmes says she's converting to Scientology.
2002- Sting, Michael Jackson, Randy Newman, Barry Manilow and Ashford & Simpson are inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in New York.
2000- Eric Clapton and B-B King release their collaborative album, Riding With the King.
1997Jurors in Oklahoma City sentence terrorist bomber Timothy McVeigh to death.
1970 - Former Chicken Shack singer-pianist Christine McVie, known as Christine Perfect, releases a solo album and announces her retirement from music. Within the year she will join her husband, John McVie, in Fleetwood Mac.
1970- The Beatles top both the (U-S) album and singles charts with Let It Be and "The Long and Winding Road"--their 20th and last number-one single.
1969- Guitarist Mick Taylor, formerly of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, is named to replace Brian Jones in The Rolling Stones.
1966- The Supreme Court issues its landmark "Miranda" decision, which obliges policemen to read arrested persons their constitutional rights.
1964 The Rolling Stones sing "I Just Want to Make Love to You" on A-B-C's Hollywood Palace. The show's host, Dean Martin jokes rudely about their appearance, but the rockers can't respond onstage as their segment had been pre-recorded.
1948- Babe Ruth's number, three, is retired as he makes his final appearance at Yankee Stadium.
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