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Posts from January 2013

New Year's Resolutions

I've been reading a lot of resolutions on various people's facebook pages.  Also there's lots of unsolicited healthy suggestions that we should all practice in daily life that come from everyone from the company who owns this radio station to Oprah and Huffington Post about how to have a wonderful, healthy, richer, uncluttered life.  Bah!  Here's my list:

1. I will say NO to things I really don't want to do more often that aren't work related.  I really can't say no to work that often because then I will not be working.  Besides, I mostly like doing things that are work related.  Reminder to myself, I need to be more thankful that I like what I do.  The NO factor comes into play when it's something that I think someone needs to feel better about themselves, when it makes me feel worse, or pressured, or anxious.  Nope.

2. I will find a physical activity that I LIKE that is good for me.  I am not a gym rat (see pictures, any pictures of me and you know that in spades!) Maybe it's time to take up hockey.  I have a friend in Seattle who did this when her son started playing and she loves it.  My husband suggested roller derby, which appeals to me, but I'd probably break something I like having intact.  Like my teeth. 

3. Make more of an effort to see the people that I truly love and care about this year.  This sounds like it's easy, but it's not.  Schedules don't always mesh, I'm tired at the end of the day (see resolution #2) and it's tricky, but it's necessary for me to feel whole.  Plus, it's a great reason to go on vacations if they live far away.

4. More vacations.

5. Get the things from the attic down and figure out what to keep and what to throw away.  I haven't been up there in years, and while I guess the ultimate answer is to throw it all away, I shudder to think that there's a letter from my Mom or Grandma that is up there that I would like to read again. 

6. Paint.  Rooms and canvas.

That's enough.  If I get this list done, then I will wear my Northern California DeMolay Sweetheart tiara for one whole day and have others address me as "My Queen!" 

So, what resolutions have you made?

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