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Posts from May 2012

Amy Mail
From me To Engineers and Mr. Burns,

Any chance we can get some no parking signs placed in the promo lot driveway- south side up against the blackberry bushes/B*** side? People are parking on both sides now and it’s impossible some days to get the big trucks in and out. I clipped a mirror yesterday. I have been leaving notes asking people not to park on the south side, to no avail.
What can we do besides me throwing a temper tantrum and leaving nasty notes/calling tow trucks?

Best, Amy

From Engineer to me:
We can’t legally place signs there; think we’d have to ask Benz to do that as we only pay for right to drive across the graveled section.
I’ll call Mr. B*** today to see what can be done.


Later that day...Engineer to me:
Talked with the rather profane Mr. B*** and there’s not much he or we can do.  The gravel driveway and our paved lot are actually ODOT right of way property –as some of the parkers already know (there’s a 36” pipe underneath that drains street water to river).
Entercom pays for access to this area across B***'s paved road off Macadam.  He could close that paved road but would need to post someone to open for our & his employees.  An electronic gate would cost $2,000 or more and I don’t think either of us will do that.


Me to Engineer:
He’s profane? Sounds like my kinda guy- maybe I should talk to him! Hmmmm. Am I allowed to harass people and leave nasty notes? I’ve already tried nice notes. Can we ask our neighbors next door to ask their employees not to park on the south side? There’s only about 50 open damned spots in our lots. I have not been able to get the KGON truck out twice thanks to these idiots.
It makes me angry. Angry Amy is a scary, dark place to be.
OK bye.
Best, Amy

Engineer to me:
We have no more legal right to park on either the gravel driveway or in our ‘promo’ lot than those folks do; it follows we can’t harass those who do essentially what we’re doing.  Attached map shows ODOT right of way from railway to river between our leased area & the B*** building property lines.
We pay B*** to use his paved road to get to ODOT property, some of which we arbitrarily paved years ago.  B*** reports ODOT came by two months ago, saw all the cars (including ours) and considered closing access to maintain their accessibility but decided to wait on a decision till a Greenway initiative gets further along. 
It’s probably best to not get too angry about things we can’t really control……

Me to self:
Did he seriously just say that? Don't get mad about things we can't control? I spend half my life pissed off about that kind of stuff. Really?

Me to Engineers:
Understood. It’s mostly a joke. I would never be mean to the asshat parkers. I save all my anger for the account reps here. Makes sense. I’ll stop grouching externally. Internally I’ll continue to fume and think bad thoughts therefore leading to my early demise. I want to control the universe, and until I do, all others should cower in fear.
Best, Amy

Me to Mr Burns:
I’m not sure he understands my humor. I of course, find myself quite hilarious.
Mr Burns to me:

You’re communicating with an engineer. It’s a far different animal.

Me to self:


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Amy Mail
Sent to our three engineers, my two bosses and new GM:

Hello men (and Clark),
Jeff and I have a dream. A dream of one day making each hour of Primetime available as a podcast at A dream that men, women, children and Clark could listen to Primetime at any hour of the day, from anywhere in the world, savoring each tiny syllable that escapes from the lips of Isaac and Big Suke. Is this dream so strange? Is it really so strange and unattainable?
Last time we asked this question, Jeff and I got to listen to hours of super-techie-talk courtesy of Jeff McGinley. All I really took away from that painful conversation was the cost of podcasting PT would be roughly 10k. How about we find a more solutionable solution? How does that sound? How does one go about recording Primetime, sans commercials, so it can be loaded into our audio vault?
Can we please discuss? Pretty please? Super.
Jeff and I also dream of world peace and food for every child, rivers that flow with cold clean delicious Coors Light, and a world tour with Zeppelin, the Stones and Tom Petty all on the same bill. But first, podcasting please.
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Amy Mail
Hello Stellar Sellers!
We are pleased to announce that after a grueling and confusing multi-year process filled with numerous “I don’t understand what you mean” emails, we are finally launching the brand new FAN website: Web 2.0! We’ll finally be caught up with 2.0 music websites we launched three years ago. Yay FAN!
I think you’ll find the new layout pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. If you don’t, there’s really not much we can do about it as corporate dictated the new features and set-up. But hey- we like it!
The launch will begin at 2pm today and takes about an hour. During this time, we will be furiously eyeballing the site for broken links, typos, and that weird Latin gibberish that tends to show up on occasion. If you happen to notice anything funny, as in funny peculiar - not funny haha, please bring it to my attention immediately. If I’m not in my office, which I am normally not, please find Alicia. She’s usually the one to fix these things anyway.
So, without further adieu sarcasm, cheers to 2.0 and cheers to our May FAN Girl, because we all know FAN Girls make EVERYTHING better! FAN Girls and beer. Yay!

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