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Posts from August 2013

Update on Carlos Santana's House of Blues Shows in Vegas
Waking up in the morning and knowing that I’m going to be talking to Carlos Santana is so uplifting.  He is not only one of the most gifted guitar players, but he’s a light in the universe that shines bright.  He’s devoted himself to a lifelong commitment to social activism and humanitarian causes, including the Milagro Foundation which he and his family established in 1998.  Right now he’s doing shows at The House of Blues at Mandlay Bay in Vegas, and will be through spring of 2014.  A portion of all tickets sold will go to charitable causes.  Here’s our conversation, and a wonderful answer to my ending question of who he would like to play music with in the future.
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REO Speedwagon's Neal Doughty calls Iris
1Seeing REO Speedwagon at the Memorial Coliseum in the 70’s was amazing.  They were one of the most energetic bands I had ever seen, and the songs transcended the studio versions.  Neal Doughty, founding member, and the keyboard player was a big part of what I loved and still love about the band.  In all the years of being at KGON, I never interviewed anyone from REO before, and this was a true pleasure.  Neal talks about the very beginning of the band and how they got their name, the Midwest work ethic that helped them get that first record deal, and their endless touring.  Down to earth, and a pleasure to talk to, I hope you enjoy this as much as I did!  ~Iris
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It was such a big weekend, that I needed to come to work to get some rest!
It was a BIG weekend!

Summer in the Great Pacific Northwest is the best!  This summer the weather has been fantastic.  There’s so much to do, and in fact too much to do at times.  Much like it was this past weekend.  We had 2 days of HareFest, Blue Oyster Cult at the Clark County Fair, Great White at the Yamhill County Fair, there was a two day local celebration going on in Vernonia (I was there to visit my cousin, so I ran into the downtown festivities), and probably several other fairs and festivals that I didn’t know about. 

This is all great, and it’s really fun to go out and see live music, eat things that you shouldn’t, enjoy the great weather, etc…but it’s tough to make a decision on where to go and what to see. 
There’s still a lot of events and fun left in the weeks ahead.  The Oregon State Fair is always a good time, with REO and Loverboy providing the rock this year.  Heart and Jason Bonham are at the Sleep Country Amphitheater on that same Friday night.  The Zombies play the night before those shows.  So, I’m looking at another case of “Iris needs a clone” as we approach the end of the month.  Oh, and then College Football season starts that Saturday, August 31st

This coming weekend is The Bite of Oregon, Tualatin Crawfish Festival, Rock the Runway at the Benson Hotel, Cold Blood at the Roseland, and Leon Russell at the Aladdin.  Make a decision, some plans, have fun and enjoy the summer!

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